Electric toothbrushes There are various models which require higher battery capacity. The idea behind this is the charger can be left at home. These models are usually offered to travellers. There are more interesting models that come from Oral B using normal AA batteries (see photo below). This is an electric travel toothbrush that is more convenient to have but unfortunately is very rare to find at the airport. However it can be found easily at the market. The AA batteries can be found very quickly worldwide. No need to worry if your batteries are empty. The Oral - B brushes can be obtained worldwide but are not found in all stores (e.g. at AS Watson stores in Asia). Additional note about AA batteries: You may have noticed that we often speak about AA batteries. When buying new devices from clocks to torches choose the one that uses AA batteries.  Life will be easier if all your devices use AA batteries as you have spare batteries that you can use in other devices.    
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