SD Card We have referred in note- and netbooks an integrated SD card reader. This is a very good alternative in contrast to external hard disks. The SD storage device is insensitive to vibrations and is the size of a coin. In any kind of transport you inevitably experience vibration and you risk losing data in any inappropriate moment. These are rare but annoying. Likewise, you want your battery not to consume unnecessary hard disk activity further. If your SD card is stored in a waterproof box, so your photos, backup files and other documents are kept safer.  Even USB stick can be broken much easier. The reliability of the connection exceeds SD card reader and also works longer as connections to USB port. With SD card, you get up to 64 GB of memory. The prices change every time a newly introduced one becomes available and the storage capacity is increased steadily. With SD card, you get several reading and writing speeds. Choose a fast one. Today external hard drives are still being used. You should also consider in purchasing a netbook not only to the USB port, but also for the integrated Card readers too. Integrated SD card readers are a must today. Even today's hard disk will eventually disappear from your notebook / netbook in the near future.
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