Travel plug World Travel Adapter with integrated electrical fuse as Swiss Travel products. World Travel adapter is a very valuable gadget to connect electrical devices from home to your destination.  It will not be a difficulty bringing electrical devices going abroad. Also to use abroad devises at home. A spare electrical fuse is recommended. New: The SKROSS has a new model available on the market today.  The World Travel Adapter 2 with multi – face and 2 USB ports for charging and other purposes. It has a status indicator when using the USB attachment to avoid over use of the USB ports.  This plug also has an electrical fuse. A spare fuse is always recommended whilst travelling. Addendum: Zravel frequently receives questions or inquiries about the grounding (earthing) of travel plugs. We replied to this questions or inquiries as follows: Both travel plugs have no grounding. There are only a few chargers for laptops and mobile phones (especially the older models) which have to be connected grounded. Most travel devices are designed to use 100 – 240 volts and 50 – 60 Hz. This you will have to consider. In U.S., you can’t find grounding at any standard electrical socket.  In Third World countries, like in hotel rooms you may find a ground socket but you never know if it is properly installed and working. If you use a small appliance, it`s better to get one that is operated by AA batteries. We suggest the use of AA batteries for travel equipment. To make life easier during travel it`s better to bring devices using AA batteries so you don’t have to think of the local power supply and groundings.
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