Rights and obligations on air travel   There are lots of usual things you will discover after a trip but some of these are not the things we usually like to have in our stories.  So, one important thing to check is the rights and obligations by air travel. One of your important duties is to check your travel documents if they are complete and you have all the requirements on your hand.  Airline representative will do that for you only during check-in time, if some of your documents are lacking or missing you will not have time to fix the problem.  So, we refer you to International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA have their own online service for you to inquire the necessarily documents needed to bring on travel.  Do not rush to get a valid passport, Visa, and other documents that might be required by the countries you intended to visit. Additional documents are required depends on the type of your travel too (as example business or tourist traveller). As example for additional documents: vaccination requirements, criminal records, return flights and confirmation of liquid cash.  Different countries have different rules and guidelines for foreigners.  Take advantage of using IATA service. Everybody has an obligation and also everybody has rights. But there is a small difference between to be right and to get right. One possibility for sure is your credit card. It is better to pay for your trip with plastic. Call your credit card company if there are problems with the charged service. The credit card company may also cut the bills later. Of course, only if there are appropriate reasons. If the credit card company does not help or you have to settle your problems with the credit card company or no credit card company is involved, e.g. payment by cash you could contact the European Commission for mobility and transport. This provides a contact form for Passenger Rights Online. Unfortunately, this page is in English and it is only applicable for flights to or from Europe.
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