Net- and Notebooks In the Notebook Integrated travel batteries With higher capacity) it makes travel life a lot easier and money well spent. A name and address tag like luggage should be fixed on net- and notebooks. Particularly people who often pass through security checks at airports should be clear that such a sticker mark should be placed on Notebooks. With Black HP computer, the likelihood of mistakenly picking up somebody else’s is very high. SD card reader should be integrated in the computer. SD cards are very secure storage media and have very high storage capacity. If you travel really often, a light netbook makes travellers life much easier. Netbooks works for normal office applications very well. Netbooks are with screens of up to 12 inches available. Setting up a workstation at home with additional screens is with basic knowledge possible. So there are no more reasons to carry a notebook on travel. Addendum: More and more powerful laptops come with 13 "screen on the market. A very interesting segment for those who need something more powerful.
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