Jet lag The time shift. This is handled with appropriate experience and the training can become very easy. A few hours can be adjusted at home before your trip. True to the motto, shared sorrow is half sorrow. Jet lag itself is the smallest problem. Somewhat difficult are the following: Missed sleep during your trip Some people can`t sleep on the plane. If you intercontinental 18 hour flight you are traveling on and you could not sleep, this has very little to do with Jet lag. There are many helps for this. A key may lie in the flight planning. If you fly through a transit airport, then your normal sleeping time could be cut down on a long-haul flight. The choice of a flight that leaves a few hours after your usual bedtime, you can raise in cloud 7th heaven. Others, presented by one glass of red wine. So keep your home remedies ready. The choice of transit airport may also help. See the time at the airport not only as a waiting period; some airports have a very rich offer of free relaxing areas up to the hotel in the transit zone. Such recreation areas are usually away from the action. Before you're looking for a bench to sleep, ask at the Airport for better options. Of course there are also airports, where you hardly find any sitting. Climatic differences Even Frequent fliers are troubled much about this. Even really healthy people are affected by this. Climate changes may even take up for travel professionals a few hours’ time. This is not only about temperatures but also about different humidity. Then the wrong meal you could eat whilst traveling and the toilet is the best of your friends. Fit off the plane  If you now have knowledge of jet lag, plan the trip so that you will not miss any sleep and prepare at least with the clothes about climate change, you will leave the plane fit. You can visit also the following link and just think about it, if an airport does not supply proper seating areas were somebody can sleep, what else can they do? And of course they also have a lot of additional Airport information’s.
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