First aid kit   We are not medical doctors.  Here, we are citing some experiences from travellers. We do not discuss it in details but we do discuss the pitfalls. Cash is the single most important component of any first aid kit. Something for every opening in the head (mouth, nose, ears and eyes). Something for diarrhea, low dosage pain killer and maybe daily dose Strong painkillers. Your International certificate of Vaccination (or a copy of) Whilst abroad there are medical doctors who are available daily to deal with all local medical problems.  The locals in third world countries cannot afford a high quality medical supply but this does not mean there is no medical supply in their country. Just remember, cash is the most important thing in each medical kit.   Addendum: Zravel frequently receives requests for a check-list for a first aid kit. We want to answer that question as follows: Excessive medicines being imported in certain countries can lead to problems. Travel pharmacies are the person, the destination, type of trip and the local availability to adjust. Zravel does not replace a personal consultation with a specialist. For this reason, there is no standard check-list. Consult you doctor well in advance before you travel, as Vaccinations are advised in many countries and not  only the special ones.
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