English On our German page we make some notes for persons who start to talk English. We just explain, there are several dialects and even English guys get from time to time problems to talk together. We anticipate, there are really no problems to travel with poor English – it just works and nobody knows why. There are very view persons with complete English in the world of travel…. We anticipate on the German Page, there are a lot of persons that understand the “bad words” in other languages and mostly in uncomfortable situations. With one bad word understood the whole conversation can be “fucked up”. So keep an eye on your words and especially in case your mothers tongue is English. The Bad English words get everybody. Just for reminders, everybody knows knows the “bad” words in Spanish, French and other languages so be quiet and act like everybody can understand everything.   For the English persons we recommend: With the normal English vocabulary it’s not really useful if you talk with Persons with a other mother tongue. It`s better you use the Phonetic Alphabet as your ABC is perfect – nobody knows how well other persons catch it up. There are still some Cultures where it is really unfriendly to say – sorry I don`t understand it. They will say yes but do not get one word. For them it would be an insult to say to you: I do not understand you.   By the way – there are two Communication ways that everybody understands. One is Drawings and the other is body language. Italians talk all the time with their whole body – so look how persons move there body during talking. With a little bit of training you will get a lot of information without understanding anything.
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