Digital Cameras If you need something really good, SLR cameras are still the only solutions. Buy a nice Camera body and then gradually upgrade Objective which are also not really for free. For all others: Cameras with normal AA-size batteries, that can be purchased anywhere. Batteries that are exhausted while away from home are easily replaced, enabling worry free shooting. A Normal SD – Card. So no special card readers are needed and you can connect immediately by the integrated card reader on your Notebook. You can also save all important documents twice, without any contacting cables in you bag. Hard disks is the first things which brakes by traveling. The Coolpix L22 from Nikon is one example but there are many more brands and models to choose from. However, the little Nikon`s reach midfield quality - Everything else is to close to the SLR “Body” pricing and extensions are too limited on other solutions. Cameras don`t have to be expensive to produce quality pictures. Sometimes even high pixel cameras produce a lot of fuzzy or blurred images. The lenses are important. Check this. Especially when there is little light, the Objective are more expensive than the whole rest of the camera. Based on experience, cheap cameras like Coolpix last longer than expensive cameras. With Expensive Cameras you can`t just leave them anywhere and you will always be worried as somebody might get interested in it and just steal it.
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