Diarrhoea   Information purely from the perspective of travellers: The medicine for diarrhoea should always be in your medicine kit, because diarrhoea is mostly experienced by travellers. If it does not happen today it could easily happen tomorrow. Maybe you check the medicine first at home. Not everyone reacts the same way on each diarrhoea medicine. In most third world countries, travelers Diarrhoea tables are easily obtained and affordable. In certain areas with lots of body fluid lost (sweating) together with Diarrhoea, staying in an air-conditioned room can help to protect you from a high body fluid lost. Check the colour of your urine (dark Yellow) and experiencing headaches you might suffer dehydration. About this case, you should consult a medical doctor before travelling in a really hot zone. There you will get the right medical advice and not by www.zravel.info. Drink only from sealed bottled water. Be careful with the drinks with iced cubes you never know how it was made. Water used to make iced cubes can by used from anywhere.   
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