Mastero / Debit card All information is without assurance.  You may apply all the information on this page on your own decision. Everything is purely suggestions. ------------------------ The Maestro card is an internationally accepted world wide ATM debit card. It is also known as Maestro debit card (payments made using a debit card will be charged automatically from your account). There are also other debit card providers alongside Maestro. The mark on the card will show you the kind of debit system operator of the card. The debit cards are said to be the most cheapest way to use foreign currency during travel. Check the availability of the cash machines of the respective direct debit system operator. Most of the maps of the ATM, you will find on the website of the debit system provider.  Important:  Some of the small-time banks do not give good service, mostly out of order for a long period of time and this happens depending on your location. A map is as good as a map and with each plastic card you can run in trouble. Maestro, for example is accepted in almost all countries. Only a few locations do not recognize Maestro card to withdraw cash from Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). For more information on debit cards:
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