Credit Cards All information is without assurance.  You may apply all the information on this page on your own decision. Everything is purely suggestions. ------------------------ Visa, American Express and Master Credit Cards all have their own best features in some ways, so there is no best card. The most frequent travelers are informed well about, so we just have a look on the biases and not on special features. There are plenty of reasons way to pay with a credit card - also a lot of situations were it`s right way to use a debit card. The most debit cards are added to a credit card system. Of course, the contracts are complicity different but by hanging ATM`s, it can by the card or bank system too. Just check out Wikipedia about Debit cards to find the right combination of not related Debit / credit card systems.  As example: If you have a Maestro debit card, we recommend a VISA credit card. The withdrawal of cash with a debit card is the mostly cheapest way, but sometimes cash machines are out of order, you will have alternative ATM`s options. Zravel would like to emphasize that in some places, some cash machine do not accept Master credit card just Visa. In case we get any information that existing ATM`s do not accept a Visa and just Master credit cards, we will correct our information immediately. Zravel encourages travellers to have more than one card. Quit often you get mystical problems with Cards and you can run out of money fast. Remember, if you use your credit card, check your card billing statement frequently.  Check the policies of your card provider regarding billing statement. In some cases, credit card companies are giving 30 days grace period for you to appeal for any inconsistencies on the billing statement.
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