1 case - 3 climate zones Climatic differences can be very big on the road. Those who pack their bags not only for one climate zone is pushed to the limit or face a baggage mountain. Shopping locally can be an alternative. They are lots of available clothing and shoes on the rode but they do not always correspond to the European or US standard (sizes or cultural differences). The clothing selection is primarily more difficult for larger body masses. We point out here that particularly during trips to Asia, where it also can be very cold and you can have difficulty even with the purchase of shoe size 42. Not always, but usually you can compensate for large temperature jumps to stock up well with T-shirts and light summer pants. And then look for a high quality jacket with separable lining and a set of thermal underwear. There are jackets where just the lining alone can serve as a jacket. These models can be found in stores for weather-resistant work clothes in a modern style. The models can reduce lots of clothing for climate-wide travel, but are not cheap. If you deal with such questions, you should also take a look at your insurance. The value of your baggage will exceed the usual level.
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