CD / DVD on travel From a strip of paper up to 300 GB hard drive smaller than a cigarette case media storages change. The future of compact discs is coming to an end. But what can we do to totally face them coming out of the market. Optical drives in notebooks makes no more sense - they are too high in energy consumption. DVD does not have too much space for data storage. Nevertheless, in some cases it drips on CD and DVD from the past. What is the solution in facing out this disc? The answer to this question can be the External Slim DVD RW LITE-ON drive. A DVD Writer and the Read Only through the USB port on your computer and this is also powered through the same USB port. The USB cable is attached to the drive and it is very short to save space which in return ensures stable operation and the battery is preserved longer. The construction of the drive is not very secure but the price is reasonable.  A CD drive that will probably last just as long as, there are DVD in the I.T. market. Best Regards Zravel Travel Info
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