Cash All information is without assurance.  You may apply all the information on this page on your own decision. Everything is purely suggestions. ------------------------ Cash money is the most important thing you bring during a trip. Please be reminded that where you place your travel money should be the fist priority, before anything else. USD is the international accepted currency that can be accessed immediately and during unexpected situations that you need to pay cash for example in unexpected increases such as airport travel tax, Hospitals or other cases. It is much better if you bring USD on your trip abroad. If you travel from one country to another you don’t have to change your emergency money for the currency of the country where you intend to go all the time. However you must be very careful in checking USD because there are many counterfeit hundred US Dollar bills which they call “Superdollar” or “superbill”. Always have with you a small note such as 1, 5, 10 or 20 for small amounts you need to pay. Not everybody can change a fifty Dollar bill if you have just purchased a small amount.  Do not bring all your money out of the accommodation for the real purpose of your daily trips. You must always have something left in your hotel room. You can use hotel safety boxes or leave something inside your car compartment. These will keep you safe from untoward incidents on the road like losing your wallets etc.  However even in your own country you can lose your wallet but there you can easily get help from friends or love ones.  
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