Baggage   The main criteria are highlighted: size, durability, purpose of travel and weight.   The bag that is most convenient is of high durability and light in weight. But your travel devices are not as well protected as they are in a case. The case should not exceed 5.5 kg in weight, so you get more space for your belongings. The standard allowable luggage weight is mostly 20 kgs, if this is so 1/4 of your luggage weight allowance has already been consumed.  Special Note: The allowable luggage weight depends on the ticket rules, airline and booking class. Excess baggage can be very expensive. In brief: The brand Rimowa: Unbeaten quality in the 5.5 kg weight (see left photos below). Samsonite, a serious, effective alternative (but with a few "rough edges"). Bags of "The Northern Face" is excellent product also (see photos below). Good luggage is expensive but more convenient to use and cheap one are not so dependable during trips. An additional bag in the case also gives additional benefit.
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