Airport security check Of course, everyone knows bottled drinks are not permitted through airport security checks. All liquids less than 100ml must be neatly packed in a transparent plastic bag. But how about some other points of interests? Secure your wallet and watch into your hand luggage long before proceeding to the security check. If so, no one will see your valuable things are inside your hand luggage and you will not hold up the line for unnecessary matters. Slide the Passport into a shirt or trouser pocket. Never leave your passport at the Security check at the airport! A absolutely no go is to place your passport together with the ticket including your wallet into one box separately. This is mostly done be really inexperienced persons and exactly this guys have to be rechecked in to the cabin to body search and the whole package (wallet, Passport and Tickets) are in a few seconds to minutes Completely unsecured (depends on Airport), for everyone visible and easy touchable waiting on you. You may not get your Documents when a possible body search has been completed. If you are now abroad in a transit zone sitting – with no passport, no purse and no ticket .... you will get a nice experience. Much better to keep a close eye on your passport and wallet. Have as much as possible in the hand luggage and hold the Passport on your body – never leave him. If it`s all gone, you will get a nice experience. Above all HP Notebooks should be marked with highly visible stickers. Make sure that nothing can lead to confusion with your neighbours. Also at the baggage claim you are not the only one with a Rimowa suitcase. This can lead to very annoying unwanted confusion. So mark everything clear with highly visible stickers and do not pick somebody else’s Luggage. Best regards Zravel Travel info
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