Frequent Flyer Cards / flight booking Frequent flyer cards are worth something - but not for everyone. If you are taking a free flights, this is just a small gift. Even if you get a free flight, airport taxes and fuel still has to be paid. This is not included in the free flight and you will spend a lot of money to get the miles for one. It`s much better to choose always the best offer rather than pay attention to miles. Useful are the existing frequent flyer cards. It's more about benefits such as: Extra luggage, preferred seating, express security checks at the airport, upgrades, member hotline and more... So all the things that only the frequent flyer heart makes beat faster. You should take any frequent flyer card, you can get. These are with a few exceptions Free. There are not only 4 stages in each Member Program: The card with almost no rank, silver, gold, platinum, and the one who is not registered. This is the last in line and is known as the guy biting by dogs. You don’t need to log on to every airline, only once in every major airline alliance. In very few cases it is the passenger and not the Travel office that has to solve problems directly with the airline. Members with their credit card number can easily book with any airline direct by phone. The cost of travel agency and the World Wide Web, you should always compare directly with the airline. Important - always call the airline at both branches (origin and destination countries, but certainly with the country of deeper standard of living). There must be no differences, but the prices can vary widely even with the same airline. There is no clear cut solution to get a cheap ticket. There are only exceptions and these are sometimes hard to find. Even if your frequent flyer card is not used much and you are without status, you are already recorded in the airline group. So register yourself for a card and your email address, address, names etc. is already given. If they are not completely specified there are very expensive phone charges abroad. So register and come to programs such as Star Alliance, One World and Sky. There is then no longer incorrectly directed e-mail addresses and you have a local representative, not the phone number at the other end of the earth.
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